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Featuring "The Role of Turtle" by Vikki Preston on a sticker.


Asáxvuh, or western pond turtle, is an important figure in Karuk culture as well as a symbol for ecosystem health. Living much of its life in the River, this turtle can also be seen making its way out of the water to other water sources like ponds farther upslope. In these upslope areas the turtle breeds and lays eggs. In Karuk history, the turtle was connected to the story of fire for Karuk people, by carrying fire and rolling down the hill in efforts to get fire for everyone. In honor of this, the ceremonial burning of Offield includes log rolling to symbolize the turtle rolling down the hill. These logs are on fire and help begin the ceremonial fire on that sacred mountain. This artwork was meant to honor the turtle as this fire carrier and traveler of both water and land. Turtles play a huge role and relies on these river and upslope ecosystems to survive.

The Role of Turtle - Sticker

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