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Green Forest

The Understory Collective

Fund forest stewardship and accelerate land-back through NFTs,
exclusively backed by our land stewardship partners.

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Understory Collective is spearheading the first partnerships with land stewards and artists to fund conservation, restoration, and land-back.

Your NFT helps combat climate change and honor local artists.

We've established partnerships defined by co-creation and a vision for artistic spotlights and transformative stewardship. We are supporting the land back, stewardship, and eco-cultural revitalization efforts of the Karuk tribe by raising significant & continual funds.

Our goal is to raise significant & continual funds for land stewards and create a novel mechanism in which donations function as assets that accrue value and inspire investment, revolutionizing the conservation funding landscape.

We are lucky to be supported by the William G. Nash Foundation (WGNF), a family-run charity honoring the life and legacy of Will Nash (1998-2020) through grants for student entrepreneurs making a social impact.

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NFTs were designed by a Karuk artist, Vikki Preston, whose culture, story, and relationship with fire are embedded in her work.


Make an immediate impact with your NFT.

Collaborating with The Impact Collective. Directly channeled to land stewards. Fueling our most pressing climate resilience projects.

Broken Trunk

Strengthen our collective care for the land.

By strengthening your portfolio with our exclusive NFTs, you take advantage of the innovative inertia behind NFTs to invest in the planet.

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Our launch event.

Friday, February 3rd. 5-6pm.
The Stanford O'Donahue Farm.

175 Electioneer Rd, Stanford, CA 94305.

California’s forests and lives are in danger. Each summer and fall, wildfires destroy the ecosystems and neighborhoods where we live, and wildfires will be 50% more common by 2050. To effectively reduce the risk of megafires, make our forests resilient, and save lives, California needs to burn 20 million acres of land.

On Friday, February 3rd, at the Stanford Educational Farm, we will gather to learn from Karuk tribal leaders and prescribed fire practitioners, and view and have the opportunity to purchase indigenous, stewardship-inspired art.

If you can't make it, please purchase an NFT to support the Karuk tribe's eco-cultural revitalization and cultural fire efforts.

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